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The philosophy of brand is inextricably linked with a deep contradictions. If you look at the logo we have two parts of the female body, and only you can decide which association is correct. Boldly, you will agree, but the approach NEIKID is proportionally reduced to minimalism. The product range and design is quite laconic. But here we are misled: the model of the backpack consists of 2 separate elements and their color combination allows the buyer to choose one of the fifty-six decisions.
And that's not all! Manual work combined with an amazing manufacturing execution. A minimum of team and a refined positioning. The whole concept entirely imbued with dialectics.
NEIKID are not only beautiful accessories is an alternative and conscious form of consumption.
Swimwear occupy a special place in the wardrobe. It is to them women trust their body so on these wares lies an unique function:to become the personification of natural beauty, emphasizing all the curves and lines of the possessor meanwhile maintaining a certain mystique.
A close attention to beach fashion creates a certain atmosphere of responsibility, but, unfortunately, not all brands cope with it.
Nevertheless, there are always new, completing a combination of tradition and innovation. A young brand from Sardinia is no exception. A collection of SUNDALIA suitable for stylish cocktail events in the pool, and for walks near the sea. Ambitious designer Stefania Spiga incredibly thinly and accurately creates a great products with a slight touch of Mediterranean breeze.
SUNDALIA is a set of very intimate and well- designed sets for the strong and courageous women.
Experimental, recycled materials with excellent physical properties, beautiful textures, reliefs, handwork and your design. You can choose combinations of shades or to trust to the excellent sense of taste of founders Muskinn. The newest technological designs have teamed up with a minimalist solution in one brand.
Muskinn relieves from the habits, ideas and prejudices. Definitely in collection for lovers of conceptual style!
Alexander Stojkov creates the accessories outside of time and space, adding an inhomogeneous mixture of postmodernism. From the very first touch feeling the magnetism emanating from the products of Hungarian brand. In them traced the valuable senses of the designer execution, they are quite Bohemian, herewith not devoid of elegance.
But the benefits don't stop there! In addition to high execution, gentle and fresh palettes and delicate taste of talented young master all collections are attractive of price. And it is much lower of niche European brands that is another advantage and is pushing for shopping in the online boutique of company.
Stojka - is the interrelation of contemporary fashion and art culture with the philosophical author's subtext.
The amazing thing is a simple accessory like a pocket square is able to embody an unique expression of aesthetic understanding, social status, and the heritage of Asia's culture.
Instead of looking at the fabric from the perspective of two-dimensional texture, quite rare items created by hand using buttonhole bindings, twisting and stereoscopic effects of staining on the surface of fabric, gain three-dimensional form.
The name of this traditional technique, which is more than 1,300 years is "shibori". Thus, you will never find two identical accessory: fifty painted canvases will lead to fifty different and authentic products, which once again underlines the value and importance of the object of desire.
Pocket squares KAZARO is a combination of the sublime ideas of careful attitude to the preservation of a dying art and unconventional approach to style. That moment, when the scenic addition of image may become more meaningful than its owner.
Couture and streets with traditional elements and modern ideas are perfectly combined in Arama shoes. Shoes design goes to beyond trends, finding the sophisticated form. This is a "street smart" for demanding personalities.
But how else? Handmade, aesthetic and the limited lines of the Israel brand was originally destined for success. Illustrated oxfords, broggi on the toothed platform or metallic Derby? Don't know what to choose? Then follow to your feelings... All the models are beautiful!
Most of the lines from Loelle are multi-purpose. They can be used as serum oil for skin face, neck, decollete, hair, or as an essential component of any massage. They allow you to deal with fine wrinkles, dryness, flaking, giving the skin firmness and elasticity. Organic natural products by Swedish brand give the opportunity to combine many tools beauty care in one, thanks to the active nutrients, omega 3, 6, 7, 9 and carotenoids.
Of course, of all formulas excluded unnecessary and dangerous additives, and all oils obtained in a result of 100% cold-pressed. Pure oils of avocado, almond, argan are necessary for everyone to maintain healthy skin, and their stylish crafted design and gift wrapping confidently confirm the status for the perfect gift!
Recommend to buy a wireless system Phantom, which absolutely needs no introduction. For a short period of time it managed to make a lot of noise.
It features: power 750 W, sound pressure level of 105 dB and an incredible frequency range from 16 to 25,000 Hz. In addition to the standard Phantom in Silver Phantom Duo representing the more powerful dual system.
Discover a new universe of sound!
Subella London sells good taste, inspired by the past, but at the same time very modern, without unnecessary logos and pathos. The appeal of accessories is clean lines and the warmth with which created the luxurious bags in the heart of Tuscany
. Instead of working with several manufacturers, meet customer demand, the English luxury company cooperating with an Italian family factory, where with awe by hand of the best calfskin models and using high-quality hardware (24 carat gold plating) is made each accessory. «We don't want to make the fatal mistake of taking too many orders and saving on quality,» says Susan (the founder and owner of Subella London).
And although the brand has a small history, it has a great future in the international arena.
Over than 600 validation tests and 10,000 virtuoso crash tests — all in order to create the best wireless vacuum cleaner.
In fact, the engineers of Dyson were possible to design a standard, light and compact harvesting machine, which weighs a total of 2.63 kg. In addition, it by no aspects concedes by powerful to an ordinary fellow and allows you to reach the most inaccessible places.
No longer have a cord and switch sockets, simply remove the cleaner with a convenient docking station, compactly placed in any place of the apartment, and start cleaning up. In stock 40 minutes of work and a variety of attachments, allowing you to quickly and easily cope with any situations.
The Individual length, width, density, a complexity of addition and more than 100 types of Italian silk and other noble materials, once again proves that for Masel design of the tie - high art.
They sew not for fashion ... This is your expression, your style of life and already a part of you. Only you choose how it will determine the final outcome.
If you wear suits created by technology bespoke why do not order a personalized accessory?
Developed based on the concepts of Nikola Tesla innovative charging XE from TechNovator able to charge your iPhone even when you are five meters from the power source. This is a promising decision and not less than a "router power", which gives energy to all surrounding gadgets, but with one condition: the phone must be dressed in a special case. Charging by air is available only for iPhone 6, IPhone 6 Plus and newer models.
P.S. If you are worried about the thickness of the case, it is 3 millimeters.
Sound system BeoPlay A9 is a new gift to audiophiles from Bang & Olufsen.
The novelty has a distinct Scandinavian design in the form of a saucer on three wooden legs (beech, oak or teak) with possibility of mounting on the wall.
The front side is covered with cloth, under which are five built-in speakers and a powerful amplifier (160W), providing traditionally high for B & O surround sound quality.
The connection is via AirPlay / Bluetooth / Google Cast / DLNA and controlled via a capacitive sensor or a mobile app.
The diameter of the masterpiece of industrial design is 70,1 cm, height — 90,8 cm, thickness — 21,3 cm.
The finishing touch and accent to a menswear-inspired, without which any look seems inexpressive. - it's a pocket square.
I have 3 favorite brand manufacturers, in my opinion is the etalon of pocket square Pashe. However, the discovery became the company LE GAGA MILANO with its surprisingly harmonious accessory from the Heritage. This is the case when white looks truly extraordinary.
In addition to the pocket squares from Italian silk in Como, the founders of the brand creates other accessories which become an excellent completion of the look, able a well-dressed men turn into stylish.
Handmade bracelets, crafted in the finest craft traditions of Sardinia, what additionally should pay attention to when ordering at the official online store.
Most of the artists I would like to ask a naive child's question: «Do you know how to draw?». Jewelry art is no exception. To create a stylish decoration with a plot and rare idea not everybody makes. As a rule, on the market are coming "just" expensive and beautiful earrings, bracelets, rings or a necklace, unlike Simeon Shomov, who turns the jewelry to art objects.
This is a real story, frozen as if in silver for those who appreciate the intellectual beauty and in the case where the manual work of the author becomes high and the reference.
The products of Bulgarian designer to change the designer perspective to the usual and the day will come when the collection will acquire the status of Museum high quality.
Chess is an integral part of the intellectual entertainment, and sooner or later play a complex party have each pair. No matter: king, queen, rook or pawn — each piece has its purpose! Each course will carry certain consequences...
The evening promises to be an elegant, unhurried and focused with chess set from Aruliden (exclusively for Kiki de Montparnasse). Add to the interior lace, champagne and dim, protracted chess game with figures of an erotic nature required the proper entourage.
A new product is apparently similar to the MP3 player, but that’s where the similarities ends. ILI laid a much more important mission: it is the real destroyer of the language barriers!
Only worth to bring the gadget to the talker — he instantly scans the phrase and translates it. No need to connect to your phone, no Wi-Fi — Japanese innovation completely self-sufficient.
This device is just necessary for the jetsetters; however, ILI precisely identifies and restores speech to be used for basic business communication.
Preview will be equipped with English, Chinese and Japanese languages, and with each subsequent update, the manufacturer promises to add another 3 new languages. Sales will start in summer 2016.
The object of desire and a great alternative to the popular Maison Michel and Borsalino — hats of the South African brand Simon & Mary, created for people who appreciate beautiful clothes and accessories, and not a set of tags.
Beautiful hats in their performance become a continuation of character and a fetish for lovers of possessing an unique objects.. However, in sunny weather, the circle of customers is noticeably wider and to the last ones are connected those who don't like wrinkles..
Style is not a momentary whim, is a way of life, to maintain that - not the easiest task. It is often don’t do without an ironic glance...
Dresses and outerwear from AGNE - a great way to diversify wardrobe, especially in tightened demi season. It is a spectacular cocktail of madness, of elegance and color saturation.
The triviality and certain artiness and detail of Lithuanian brand allows you to relate to everyday life philosophically and condescending, and the artistry and scenic integrity of each collection - to look pretty fresh.
House in Champagne is the fourth value— Laurent-Perrier — producer of high quality champagne, famous in the world since 1812, seduces not only their qualities.. Сuvee Rose so it would remain just another good champagne, if it wasn’t not packed in a decorative birdcage, that instantly attract attention.
Great gift series — definitely will please any gourmet.
Still the devil is in the details...
Exciting design of a new Bluebella collection brings inspiration and fills our hearts with passion, and all lines of brand imbued with seductive attention to detail and high quality performance at attractive prices.
It’s a real arrow of love, ready to hit any target!
Sensual products and boudoir accessories will be a welcome gift worthy of the most discerning beauties.
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The London design Studio Fredrikson Stallard in 2015 released the pieces of sculptural furniture resembling the conformation of the amorphous body in the form of an asteroid or rock. Momentum is a unique collection devoted to the tenth anniversary of the brand and created from polyurethane, fiberglass and polyester. Life and death are merged into lines and shapes of amazing products...
The founders Patrik Fredrickson and Ian Stallard, the assembly summed up their creative process, oscillating between craft techniques of manufacture and avant-garde ideas, but collectors got the opportunity to become owners of the next masterpiece in the field of industrial design.
Enterprising french inventor Vivien Muller presented on the crowdfunding website a new remote surveillance system — Ulo.
The interactive device is a cartoon owl with OLED "eyes" in a circular design with a diameter of 1.22 inches and "nose"camera. Robotic pet responds to movement. It monitors the room in the absence of the owners, if necessary, by sending images and a short video in animated GIF files to your smartphone or save in the "cloud service".
The eyes always tell the information about the charge level — in the rate of 10% and they become less "sleepy". Thanks to the revolving base and the magnets to fix the Ulo would not be so difficult even on a steep wall.
Sales will start in 2017.
VOTRE - not only the selective product of the highest quality for the personal and professional use, created on the basis of botanical components. First of all, it is a rational investment in your health.
Most cosmetic corporations use aggressive chemicals for providing of "instantaneous results" that always result in the damage of skin. The Indian company Trumount Cosmoceuticalst went another way, taking maintenance of synthetic ingredients to the minimum. Specialists through biotechnical and pharmaceutical developments substituted harmful substances by fitosyre and vegan components.
So, after 7 years of researches the new was born bio brand. From the first party of creams, lotions and oils of VOTRE filled up the list of friendly brands of international organization on defense of animals, annually confirming the high status.
Do you want to give the dimmest and dry skin a radiance and freshness? Is a safe and effective cosmetic needed? Do you care of environment and are you a supporter of vivisection?
Then choose ethic cosmetic Brands from the certified list of PETA (to get a document) with the mark of V or L.
Well, and we at an opportunity recommend to become acquainted closer with VOTRE. You will not be disappointed in the choice!
IL BICICLETTO is a new concept electric mobile tools with innovative design, something between a motorcycle and be-cycle with pedals.
In the unique creation is an electronic accelerator so that the gear shifting is not necessarily. The design considered to the detail. The authors of Bicicletto drew inspiration in forms and the images of old motorcycles: from that era taken the lines and stylistic execution. Even in the modern adaptation retains an intimate finish retro.
Logo SPA (Italian automotive company "Societa Piemontese Automobili") in Bicicletto the headlights are behind and surrounded by a neon halo car lights. This is important detail will be the hallmark for the future projects.
The frame is made of high quality material — carbon fiber, which contributes to a significant reduction of weight, intentionally creating imbalance between the actual weight and the weight of "visual".
Patented make-up tool of two Hollywood makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz — a real bestseller, which is crazy beautiful half of humanity. What is the main difference between the phenomenal sponge from different brushes, which are most often used when applying foundations?
Honestly, many girls are just attracted by the funny shape and bright color is such nicely to have such device in the purse. On the other hand, is a totally new sponge, able to achieve "naturalness."
As for texture, the patented soft synthetic material reminds a velvet, thereby ensuring gentle application, while not contain latex, accordingly, Beaty Blender can be attributed to the Allergy-free funds! A unique shape in the form of drops promises access to all areas of the face, even the inner corners of the eyes and nose.
Of course, for those who copes with brushes and fingertips, this miracle may not be one of the things the category of "must have", but sales are breaking records, and no analogue has still not surpassed its beautiful quality!
A new invention in the market of "smart" devices allows to the owner monitoring for his four-legged friend’s behave when he is left alone at home. The Petcube has a built-in speaker and microphone, so it's always possible to communicate with a fluffy pet or to avoid being bored, to control a laser beam from a smartphone, entertaining the pet in your absence. The price of the gadget is not high in comparison with its capabilities; additional advantages of steel video recording, motion sensor is signaling you that somebody waiting, and a real social network. Of course, if animals could talk, they'd say, "Thank you!"
The founder of brand Mark Farhat is quite rightly supports the nostalgic trend of a revival of interest in manual work by designing each accessory according to this wonderful tradition. The models are made with a such maniacal precision and attention to details that it seems as if they had just emerged from an old workshop in Palermo.
In particular, with an outer beauty the bags of English brand for real connoisseurs are very ergonomic and designed in such a way so that they fit comfortably located the necessary things for the business man.
MARK / GIUSTI has never skimping on colors, fabulous materials and exceptional quality work.. And even in more formal models there was a place for exceptional details - cotton lining with a strong decorative effect.
Ornaments of all products the premium brand — a real "music for eyes", can add flavor to the whole image, causing it to tune in a new way.
Constructed in the image of the French single-lane sleds “parret”, on which the inhabitants of Haute-Savoie, canton de Thônes down from the mountains through the virgin slopes, Snooс — an interesting alternative to snowboarding and backcountry skiing.
Ergonomic seat made of carbon fiber, telescopic handle and shock absorber with a carbon fiber spring — everything here is thought-out to the very smallest detail; however the main innovation lies elsewhere. Detachable design allows transforming Snooc in skis!
The meaning of modular design lies in easiness and comfort! Any buyer, with a breeze rolling down a beautiful ridge, should effortlessly disassemble the sledge into two skis, and remove unnecessary elements in his backpack (the weight of purchase is 4 lbs — 1.81 kg). Next, on the skis, climb up a new slope, reassemble all the instructions and once again arrange karting in the snow!
Such an annoying thought, as the endless dissatisfaction with oneself, pursuing many girls. Then come to the aid miracle drugs and gadgets. One of the rescuers became acupressure Mat Pranamat ECO made of natural materials (flax and coconut fiber).
If to believe the reviews, it is effective as a preventive tool in the fight against orange peel. The applicator really reduces the cellulite, however we suggest considering it as one of the acupuncture’s stimulation methods.
Massage elements of the pad is made of medical grade plastic and resemble Lotus flowers. Pranamat is really enhances the lymphatic system during a session, the skin gradually acquires a lifting effect and acupressure massage relaxes and helps to get back to normal after intensive physical exertions.
This is the stylish Mat in the global market and an indispensable stimulant therapeutic with visible results.
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