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Movement / PAVEL GRATA

"No, I'm definitely extreme, but not to the point of falling in love" — these words flew past me. Love really stops to smell mango with age.

There was a theory as far back as the last century, according to which the contradiction that has existed between the senses and the mind since ancient times will decrease. As a result, feelings will die, giving way to rational behavior.

You can’t be bored, you love, remember, forgive... There is only a cunning business where one calculates the return on investment (time, money, care), and the other has sex as payment. Women fake orgasms, men fake relationships.

All from the fact that we are once again afraid to be deceived. Not by a man, but by our own feelings. As a result, the most we can squeeze out of ourselves is presence. Couldn't be better...

Stay close as long as you can. Less not do, and to retreat to a safer distance is dangerous.


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