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Through Hardships to the Stars. Stigmata.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

Do you want to impress the others, infecting them with your energy? Would you like to turn into a fashion icon or an object of admiration? Then in addition to the excellent clothes you have to possess exceptional properties, which will allow you to achieve extraordinary heights. Carefully read and analyze every word from the series of notes "Through hardships to the stars", and then with each step, your life will rapidly transform!
A person claiming to be the favorite of the gods should possess distinctive signs. These are the signs which you will be identified by and distinguished from the total number of people; they are commonly called stigmata. All famous personalities have natural or acquired stigmata. This is one of their keys to the phenomenal success and incredible influence! Let's remember Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Monroe, Anna Piaggi. Everyone knows them. In fact, there are many more of such people.
To be recognized and remembered, one has to work out every detail of their image. The manner of speaking, walking, dressing, and habits, all these are important!
Nothing prevents you from creating your own rules and becoming a consistent person. Learn how to hold true to your rituals and traditions. Your beliefs are required to be firm, changing only along with you! This behavior often involves a certain theatricality, but all these are indispensable components of the bright and strong image.

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