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I would like to live in a world where there are no boundaries of human potential, with a huge bunch of opportunities, where people speak the same language, and modern apostles make the word creative. I'd like to... but I will never accept that a pile of trash in the yard is a pile of waste, and a pile of trash in the frame of an art installation turns into an invaluable masterpiece.
A good taste started to take a back seat on the day when Marcel Duchamp brought into the gallery a urinal from a nearby plumbing store. Then, in the far 1917, he told the Expert Council and the organizers of the exhibition: "This is my creature, ready-made, it is called Fountain!" To be fair, it is worth noting that Fountain has never been exhibited.
Since then, 99 years have passed, and I am well aware that the painter has ceased to be just a painter who works peacefully in his workshop. Indeed, we need relevant art just to "reload" the traditional view! Remove the blinders. See the new. It can be incredibly conceptual, actually, it's a miniature idea. Although give the audience something beautiful, as we will always have enough time to exhibit "trash".
Remember, the abstraction was recently considered to be a mockery of the established forms of image perception. Almost everyone is able to make a copy of it, colorful stains are technically quite simple. However, if you prove that you are a creator with your own style, you will be accepted. I suggest you not nail your scortum to the cobbled road of the Kremlin, beat your head against the wall during your performances, or dye your pubic hair.
Jep Gambardella in the film The Great Beauty directed by Paolo Sorrentino did the very right thing responding to Talia Concept's talentless attempts: "Most of my readers are educated and they don't want to be fooled." This technique, to be knocked down, is applied so often that I understand I am being played with. Although the rules of the game seem pretty cheap!
Show me your philosophy, get out your message. There is a priori no place for aggression, hatred or anger in the hands of the creator. True works should not provoke these qualities! Although there have been such cases in history when the dignity of entire nationalities was belittled by means of artistic content. Although such propaganda has little in common with the true purpose of art. On the contrary, it will forever remain a self-cleaning vector capable of transforming the inner constituent of everyone. I believe that painting can become real windows into a parallel universe, music can change the view of life, the cinema can prevent reckless steps.
It is no coincidence that creativity is a red thread in the spiritual development of mankind. There is a lot of personal about it, as when there is something touching or "catching" you, it's just about your subjective associations... and if we cut these mechanisms, we will turn into one "cog" which has never become acquainted with L’art de Vivre.



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