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Movement / PAVEL GRATA

Having lived a third of mortal life, you involuntarily realize the emptiness of everything around you, the environment, society, and even yourself. Thus began the story of the blog. The time of overturned values and thoughtless consumer attitude to your existence had to be finally replaced by a period that would awaken and unite people.

I didn’t take on the mission of a preacher and was never going to take over the universe or to live with illusions. It was important for me only that IKONA RUSSIA turned its attention to traditional landmarks, forming the basis of human existence at all times, and somehow improved the reality.

Emotions, difficulties, and adrenaline have turned into enzymes blocking my depression. I liked to catalyze processes, even when I was walking a tightrope, but instead of sharing with you the next thoughts, I tried to translate them into the present. Sometimes it seemed that everything was about to collapse and the heartbeat hopelessly stopped, but suddenly there was another turn, followed by new discoveries.

I replaced the lines with actions. Why should I say anything to the world? It wouldn’t appreciate it anyway…

I wanted to be useful to the nation. It is due to this the section "Purification" and related projects appeared. It took a little more than two years. None of the foundations and human rights organizations supported my efforts. They were frightened... The main thing is that I was not. Now, after a couple of years of confrontation, oddly enough, I was consciously back again to where it all began.

I write again, and the most important thing is that IKONA RUSSIA enters a new orbit. New design, interesting sections, and even higher level.

As it was before, I want to give you a unique creation and, of course, I will do it. After all, all we leave behind is the smell of virtue.

There is one condition: I write for myself and create for myself. I don't need any feedback, advice or evaluation. I create what I like and think about myself now. You may either use it or not. There is no way to help humanity; it has been long and severely sick.

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