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REVELATION. In Lieu of a Preface. Beginning.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

I promise to be sincere and frank. Everything said below is a subjective point of view at the time of writing and can become irrelevant or controversial later.
The thoughts published here may first seem obvious to someone, but they will become genuinely obvious only after you are aware of them and keep in your mind every second of your existence.
Pavel Grata 


"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
Albert Einstein 



Starting the difficult process of creating the IKONA RUSSIA project, I unwittingly had to become an architect. Like any architect, this journey started in my head. 
 There was a mark in the center of the drawing meaning that the old script had come to an end and it was time to present the audience with an entirely new play. 
At these moments, you feel helpless in front of a wide range of possibilities; however, I decided to act and, having measured my starting line, started to build a dream.
Contributing the possible outcome, I realized that at first, I needed to get rid of the restrictions. Blogging has become a major milestone giving the possibility to level the distances. I've got a chance to create in a world with no borders and to see even further than the windows of the house across the street.
Of course, without a certain background, I did not venture to start IKONA RUSSIA, but at the same time I believed that my special feeling and perception of reality would not drop the ball and determine the intended outcome.
Taking the first step, I plunged into an amazing universe where nothing is impossible!  

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