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Acknowledge Error. Paradox of Trends.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

Were you going to follow the way of nonconformists, ignoring trends? You will never run away from trends... It has been always difficult to predict them as if they were a coming disaster. It's like a natural disaster, like a tsunami that sweeps everything away. 

Should one neglect the gift of heaven?

As long as people experiment and make mistakes, they give birth to trends. And, as a consequence, there will always be special agencies able to make money out of thin air. It is one thing to follow trends, but it's another one to predict them. Are all these Trendstop or Future Laboratory able to differentiate between normal fed (passing fancy) from a real trend? Their success is favorable circumstances at most.

People do not perceive the future, so how is it possible then to plan for the decades ahead? Obviously, it's impossible…

Analysts and trend-hunters still walk with a proud strut, not taking into account the limit of error and deliberately ignoring previous errors in forecasts. They think that they can still provide for everything. Although this is absolutely not true. All the important events happen unexpectedly, like a shot, before you knew it.

Forecasts can only be regarded as one of the possibility to develop the sequence of events. Due to them, you are aware but you shouldn't overestimate the knowledge of trend-agencies and other alchemists.

On the other hand, do not underestimate the trends, as they are a part of our life. The mechanism started thousands of years ago, the innovations offering creative freedom. A world where randomness, which you don't expect, counts for a great deal.

So how to set a new trend or have the audacity to predetermine it? You have to think outside the box. We live in the place where there is enormous differentiation and inequality. Therefore, the principle 'a winner gets everything' works. Accordingly, if you want maximum success, take risks!

For example, Steve Jobs was lucky. Everything could have turned out differently. Take a look at the role of cause-and-effect from another angle. His success is the result of a succession of extremely unlikely accidents.

The idea about Apple could have completely failed in the market, not making up for the money invested. So, there would be another example of the way one should never do...

Make choices intelligently, not randomly. The world is unpredictable, so don't keep your eyes to the obvious. Watch and then act, and one day, if you still do not despair or quit, you'll be able to count on the reward!


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