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REVELATION. Starlight.

Movement / PAVEL GRATA

If we compare the life expectancy of an ordinary star and a human, our short age is the moment when we have not yet been born, as it is time to die. If compare 60, 70, 90 years to billions, billions of light years, one can't help but feel the awe of the grandeur of the Universe and the awareness of our illusory importance.

Our problems make me laugh. Troubles, passions, and aspirations are so fleeting! We are concerned about "very good" and "very bad", do not like our location, condition, status, position, environment. The star is otherwise satisfied with its neighbors in the constellation, age, radiated light, and millions of legends composed by constantly searching and trembling creatures.

Maybe, the restless human mind, it's time to put your head upper and stop at one desire (okay, two, this is the last bargain)?...To say "stop" and start moving on your own path, doing good deeds and hearing the next person's breath, to whom some cosmic force (gravitational or divine?) destined to be nearby in the same constellation. Stop complaining and worrying and extend a hand to another man like you. Stay with him for the same 60, 70, 90, 100 years. As soon as there is light…

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