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REVELATION. Creativity.

Movement / PAVEL GRATA

Creativity represents spiritual practice for me. An ongoing process that cannot be completed or postponed.

If you don't go forward, you slowly move back. This idea should become a filter for everybody that can save lives from last year's confetti in the head.

According to one modern American philosopher, "the act of self-expression can be carried out by any means available, up to the throwing of bombs and self-immolation."* I do not advise to resort to radical measures, yet there are rules, laws and certain consequences. However, periodical shaking yourself up is useful, and it is harmful to limit your nerves and moral health.

Everyone is able to manifest the Creator in himself or herself. Is it so difficult to learn the way to cook creatively, dress beautifully, create spaces for joy and love? No, it's just that one day you have to admit that you're "his hands" and start…


*Thomas Scanlon. A Theory of Freedom of. Expression

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