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REVELATION. Running on the spot.

Movement / PAVEL GRATA

Let’s imagine that you are standing on the edge of the earth, looking at the boundless ocean, feel its power, and notice that the problems dissolve, giving way to the eternal greatness of nature…

Someone travels to lose himself, someone — to find. But we all take the road to open our eyes, slow down the time and fall in love with life again. We run away from the current circumstances, that is why buying a plane ticket we sometimes feel even more happy about it rather than about a winning lottery ticket.

We understand but do not admit that what is happening around us is the result of our own actions.

At first glance, the only visible way out is to escape. Though it can hardly be called an escape, rather, running on the spot. A change of scenery won't change anything if you don't start with "pure life."

Try to discover a world where the laws of subtraction reign. Arrange your life into specific elements and model the surrounding space. This is the only way to gradually come to a balanced reality, where there is nothing superfluous.

This is a real pill from bad taste, accumulation, and dissatisfaction. It cures inflammatory diseases of the human soul, frees from material slavery, gives a sense of lightness. Its shelf life is endless, and in Russia, where people do not perceive anything going beyond the pop standards, such a drug would be worth its weight in gold!

Remember the moment when your heart stopped beating and the most insignificant little things were filled with meaning and played with new colors. Not during traveling... Yesterday or today.

We are all very different, but we are driven by one desire, that is to be happy. Even if you are under even greater pressure of life circumstances than Rodion Raskolnikov, slow down. The ocean or the sound of the sea will not save you. Behaving in conformity with the principles of minimalists, get your life out of unnecessary clutter, meaningless things, memories, people with whom you feel unhappy, leaving room for the main thing.

The concept of "enough" shall become the key one in everyone's life, because it is the simplicity that the whole triumph of expressiveness is revealed in! Extra items, thoughts, actions, or people just pull you away from harmony with yourself!

Know yourself. You shouldn’t worry. Most of us have to overcome a long way to reach the asceticism. The next time your hand reaches for a ticket, maybe the problem lies only in you?


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