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REVELATION. Philistinism.

Movement / PAVEL GRATA

Drink from a shabby mug when a new one is long forgotten in the cupboard. So it was accepted in many houses: money is hidden for a rainy day, but on a high day there is dusty, Soviet tea-set. The high day didn’t come, and the rainy ones filled all life.

It would seem that the Philistinism had to stay in the old grandmother's closet, along with a tasteless crystal set, which in its long history has been used only for a couple of times. Things have lost the sacred value they had. People have started feeling better about acquisitions and loss.

Now, everything is not just enough, everything is in excess! However, paradoxically, this "closed cell" began to get lost when choosing a car, phone model or even toothpaste. Chained by choice and abundance, they began to do what everyone else does in an incomprehensible situation. Imitation of the behavior of the majority freed their brain from the need to process unnecessary information.

The era of scarcity and categorical public opinion has passed but the way of life has not changed. Everything is the same as in the USSR when people stood in line and only after that, they asked where it would lead.

"If everybody's waiting for something, so the product must be good," reckoned everybody up in his or her head. However, didn’t the crowd mentality among the big bunch of people with middling ideals generate much deeper philistinism fed by surfeit?

Once Russian sociologist Ivanov-Razumnik noted that "Philistine, it is narrowness, flatness, and impersonality: the narrowness of form, the plane of content, and the impersonality of spirit." Quite succinctly, rigidly and truthfully…

Another hundred years will pass, but their second-rate morality and consciousness will not change and won’t cover their unselfish hospitality, Christian charity, diligence or tolerance…

The time frame for this phenomenon is not terrible. Conventionality will remain with them forever, and in order to get out of the pit of indoctrination (stereotypical perception), one has to break the thread that connects the umbilical cord "to be like everyone else."

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