Ecology Of Consciousness
It is necessary to understand that man and reality are part of one whole. By destroying the world around us, we first destroy our nature. We have enough resources to wipe out civilization, but unfortunately, we lack the moral qualities to prevent this destruction.
We are rapidly approaching the point of no return. However, humanity can stay afloat because there is action between cause and effect. If we want to be saved, we simply have to make a choice in favor of the planet and our development. The ecology of consciousness acquires vital importance.
Anyone Can Do It
Think more often about trifles. Develop new habits. You will love it because the great consists of little. A list that is worth paying attention to is presented below. Do you do all of them?
Wouldn't It Be Great If…?
Start the day with these words. Do not join the ranks of populists and armchair critics, then you are sure to put a part of yourself in life after a certain time. Once I turned an action into a rule. This way these projects were created:
I could not turn a blind eye to digital isolation and the policy of total control over the users. It took a couple of years to provide the technology to prevent these problems. I moved away from the blog but gratuitously helped more than 2 million people.
Real heroes are appearing in every corner of the globe, and I know for sure, that others are even more ambitious. They save, expose, improve, and do everything they can. They don't need special days and don’t care about recognition.
I wrote about this in the article «Heroes Of Our Time».
Self-belief is contagious. I hope their point will become an example for you.