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Heroes of our time.

Movement / PAVEL GRATA

Russian literature has always been profitable. Did Soviet schoolchildren know during the writing of works on the theme "the Image of Bazarov" that this modification would become the prototype of the ideal of the modern Millennium?

"Love is rubbish, unforgivable nonsense." "A decent chemist is twenty times more useful than any poet." "I just look at the sky when I want to sneeze." These are not quotes of Hank Moody, but maxims of the nihilist Yevgeny Bazarov from Ivan Turgenev's novels.

By right "extra people" of the Russian literature of the second half of the XIX century may well be considered as the predecessors of modern movie heroes, despising the whole world. It is true that thanks to simple manipulations, the public's favorites are still the same selfish intellectuals.

Brilliant, unsociable cynic Dr. House does not believe in family happiness. Nevertheless, viewers around the world are thrilled by this mask of prickly indifference. Guy Ritchie's Holmes drinks a lot and smokes a lot, is often unshaven and seems to smell unpleasant. But this does not bother; the archetype has long been discovered and tested by time…

Whatever you do in the postmodern space, turn the famous detective into a hacker with the nickname Sherlock or send him to Avenue in New York, success is assured. In this situation, it is a sin not to use the promoted brand for the benefit of enriching media corporations.

However, there are differences between literary reality, cinema, and the real world. Real heroes are anonymous and unselfish. They live among us, feed the hungry, comfort the sick, clean the neighborhood of debris or are ready to fight even when there are no weapons. They don't need fame…

They are able to create a living, breathing society, inspiring people to find the strength for change. To make everyone feel more active and maybe a little "super".

This is, simply put, a radical response to radical problems. There is always a choice: to admire another sociopath, resurrected in the modern era, or to become a superhero. It is only you to decide!

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