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REVELATION. Turning Chaos Into Harmony.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

"People need a structure of life. A life with no structure or purpose is a shattered life. The absence of structure results in a break-down." 
Alvin Toffler, The Third Wave.

I laid the groundwork for my new future, and now I consider every single day as a small life and one more line in my drawing.
Then it all began with a qualitative change of myself, what has gradually transformed the reality. Today, having turned into a real knowledge- and transfiguration-oriented researcher, I notice the hidden facets of reality.

I definitely liked being involved in the process. I have severely restricted the consumption of false media. I curiously master various practices of self-improvement. I practice sewing to speak the same language with my own tailor. Alone, without any help, I get the skills to give shape to my ideas. Have become seriously engrossed in collecting. With certain kind of caution, I try to make notes of my thoughts. I try myself as a photographer taking a camera for the first time. At this, the most important thing is my implementation of the project IKONA RUSSIA! And I have achieved this all in less than six months.
I realize where I go and why. If I had not reached this awareness, having broken the stereotypes imposed by society, my life would have turned into chaos.  

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