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Russian Community of Fashion Bloggers.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

The personality preached in the streets will always be on trend. It's high fashion, able to bring new ideas and inspire followers to change. Though does it inspire Russian bloggers so much?
Probably not. 99% of them are not interesting. The vast majority of projects enjoy a high rate of popularity but which one?! By 'likes' on your pages in social networks, bought materials from third-party resources or support of friends from a gloss.
There are no more than five persons worthy of attention. What about the rest? They ridiculously copy successful Western standards. The authors just don't know how to analyze and filter unnecessary information, what makes them just another clone. Why do they need creative research to create unique images when it is easier to carry on their shoulders other people's trends?
The idea of any fashion blog is to stick to your personal unique style, the one presented in everything: in manners, in preferences, in thinking, thus creating vivid, memorable images. Many have forgotten about it, some don't even think about it. As well as they do not think about spirituality…

They become a source of narcissism losing the sense of the true purpose of the blog. As for one's personal opinion, it's easy to buy it!

The bloggers, who are genuinely passionate about fashion in the country, can be counted on the fingers of one hand; the rest have initially no-success desire to turn into idols.
They will never become ether trendsetters or "icons" of style, not because there are already other key figures but because they are not strong personalities. While the situation remains the same, we shouldn't expect any outstanding personalities. We can only believe that some other new talents with good taste and pure consciousness will pick up this initiative. 

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