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Aesthetics. Barbershop.

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Being popular, barbershops bring us back to salon shaving and hairdressing art, drawing our attention during the last century by its special aesthetics.
Mark Twain was absolutely right by saying that “...What a man experiences in a barber's shop the first time he enters one is what he always experiences afterward till the end of his days."
Wooden furniture, antique barber's chairs, dangerous blades, wax, vintage authentic items, bourbon;gentlemen come here not only to get a proper care but also to have a good time, feeling themselves at ease.
So what actually is a barbershop?


This is a classic barbershop which culture is rooted in the history of the United States. Initially, in the barbershop people could not only have a haircut but also buy food, wine, and, during the war, receive the doctor's help. 

In the mid-50's barbershops turned into a sort of club where one could smoke a cigar, have a drink and, of course, a talk in a cozy atmosphere. Since then the tradition remains unchanged.


First, the interior of a barbershop perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the previous century. Another nice peculiarity is that such a place represents a modern men's community, where one can quickly make himself look tidy. He will be easily turned into a tasteful, stylish and restrained person. You will always be served by calm and experienced specialists who know a lot about traditional techniques. So, there are no women among personnel and, to put it mildly, the fair sex is not allowed.
The set of services is constant and is never changed: the standard haircuts in the spirit of old Hollywood actors, real salon shaving, trimming beards and mustaches, massage with a hot towel.
From considerations of fashion, you will never find a facial or spa services, and will not notice a box with Loreal Professional instead of Truefitt & Hill; no one is going to give up on the reputation in the local fashion circles!
In the barbershops, one can rarely be offered with regular tea or coffee. The emphasis is in favor of alcoholic beverages always accompanied by a selection of foreign newspapers and high-quality magazines.
These little things make up a specific image of a client, as a rule, the representative of bohemia with a keen sense of self-identity, bearing the imprint of “the very” vintage and masculine style. So in the places of this type you will never meet random people, which also makes you feel quite happy.


For those who are indifferent to their appearance of dandy, appreciate good service and serious attitude, IKONA RUSSIA presents a list of trusted barbershop around the world. Every place is unique in its own way; I am sure that visiting any of them, you will receive just the right experience!

Moscow, Russia
Mr. Right
3 Malyy Patriarshy Pereulok

Moscow, Russia
6 Malyy Kozikhinskiy Pereulok

Kiev, Ukraine
9b, Mikhaylovskiy Pereulok

New York City, USA
Fellow Barber
33 Crosby Street

New York City, USA 
Tommy Guns
393 Broadway, 5th Floor

Los Angeles, USA
Baxter Finley
515 N La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood

London, England
Truefitt & Hill
71 St James/'s Street

London, England
18 Monmouth St

London, England
Pall Mall Barbers
27 Whitcomb St

Milan, Italy
Antica Barbieria Colla
Via Gerolamo Morone 3

Gothenburg, Sweden
Sharper of Sweden Barbershop
Prinsgatan 6


I have long ago made the right choice and I do recommend other men to do the same. It's never late to join us! Believe me, resistance is useless... 


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