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Beauty. The Smell of a Dream.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

"Real elegance is in the mind. If you are elegant, the rest naturally comes itself".  Diana Vreeland

 Every third girl queers for looking like a Barby, but the Barby time has long ago passed away! A dreams shouldn't smell with rubber and synthetic hair, as a new, just unwrapped doll does.
Why female are not able to understand the simple truth, continuing to make fatal mistakes? The answer is , as always, evident. You are afraid that nobody will ever love your personality created by nature! So, you try to hide your vulnerability under thick layers of foundation, extended hair, nails, eyelashes. There is also often insecurity and fear hiding under new breasts or lips. 
This is the wrong way. In fact, beauty does not require sacrifice. It requires care! Cosmetics has not been created in order to disguise something. Their task is not to hide but to highlight your personality. As for plastic reconstruction, one can resort it only in extreme cases! Exaggeration of imperfections of ones appearance belongs to the category of dysmorphophobia* and only psychotherapeutist, not a surgeon, is able to help in this situation.
Learn care for yourself on a daily basis but not to hide fyour imperfections. Learn to accept and love yourself just as you are. Trust me, you can be yourself and look like a million dollars! All your disadvantages can be turned into advantages!
A perfect exemplar is an ephemeral notion. Putting in great efforts, you can become one. You should only start changing: gym, diet, constant self-improvement, working on your wardrobe, manners, and you will not notice that you are already on the final straight. Only then there will be a healthy and beautiful smile will appear on your face, and you will understand that this long-standing desire exuded toxic substances...

*Dysmorphophobia is a disorder when a person is excessively concerned about minor defects or features of his or her body, which is accompanied by anxiety, insomnia or depression.  

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