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Change of Course. Idols of the XXI Century.


"I love to watch children dying...»

Vladimir Mayakovsky 


In the previous decade, we have created a system in which people make their own life, career, exchange information, sit back, unite, laugh, cry, and separate. Whether we like it or not, it perfectly fits an existing technological system and functions perfectly. 

We have created a whole universe with its laws and regulations. You are the God there, the master of destinies, and when something doesn't go as you've planned you have just to snap your fingers and a hater will be on the blacklist. Infinite virtual space with no walls or boundaries has appeared in the form of the trap, which is easy to get in as well as get lost in …

A new way of communication, which was meant to be a remedy against loneliness, has intensified a sense of being useless when one can't log in to his account. Not being able to receive notifications, update your status, or post a selfie to Instagram is a scary prospect!

However, what would happen then? There would be many pleasant thoughts, walks in the fresh air, and phone calls to your beloved. There would appear such a cool thing as sex, during which you can, for example, share your emotions as easily as you've shared interesting posts from the news feed. 

Isn't it evident, that constant reading comments, viewing other people's photos and pages result in a strong reduction in mood and social isolation? The more time we spend online, the less we are satisfied with reality.

It's amazing, that "online" means that you're alive and you're okay... It would be better not to register in social networks at all, but it equals being a hermit in the world of computer technology. And it's not that easy to get off the beaten track. Denying this mania will not work. Taking risks of being "offline”, we can simply get out of the present!

Sorry, but it is much easier to make free video calls over the world in Skype, buy and contact sellers on Ebay, Etsy or Amazon directly, communicate with all your subscribers at the same time, earn money on the Internet, and everything can be done without leaving your house! 

In the mid-XX century, a Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan suggested, that the level of development of a society depends on the change of communication methods (first goes oral speech, then go writing, printing, electronic communication (radio, telephone, computer), and now there is cyberspace). I would agree with this opinion, with only one condition: a virtual world certainly expands the perceptual abilities of a person, but at the same time, it turns him into a disabled one!

What can I do then? There is one way out: to practice disconnecting and try to live in a constant world. It would seem that you should press the button, but psychologically it is an ordeal. Spend a month without the daily ritual and you will understand that we all work for Facebook or Vkontakte, with the difference that we are not paid with a single penny for it! Therefore, people have the only hope, that is, for a good thunderstorm or a weak computer board. 

We should feel especially sorry for children: they don't get enough attention, exist "online" almost from their birth, spending more time for gadgets than walking in the street or with friends and turning into the same addicts as their parents.

Is it so difficult to change the situation? Moreover, you won't have to pull the plug.

The Internet will never replace our present, thus, all issues are solved in a real, tangible world! Only then social networks will cease to ruthlessly destroy human's relationships, bringing together those who are far away, and distancing those who are so close. In a flash, the number of Internet addictions will decrease as well as the amount of unnecessary information flow.

The day when the borderline may disappear and the virtual will begin to reproduce exactly the phenomena of real life is not far off… 


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