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Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

You don't need extra words to say something important. They won't make sense. On the contrary, a certain degree of understatement will allow you to touch the reader's heart. That is why I write under a principle "less means more", and the following reflections presented below are no exception.
Here are nineteen dry thoughts making you think again of your existence, forty-eight sentences covering my entire way of purification.
For somebody this all may seem empty and frivolous, but not for me...

Rules of the Life
My code is quite simple: get free from the usual beliefs, prejudices and, first of all, never lie to yourself. Trust me, if you give honest answers, the life will change for the better.
Don't be guided by the others. Learn how to be better than you, not the others, was yesterday.

How to find yourself

We don't know what we are born for. But I'm sure everyone has a purpose, so it's very important to find your own power. You can be happy only when you are in the environment that makes you feel good. However, everyone has their own power. Many people don't understand it and they don't live their lives. 


The present will turn into a memory tomorrow. Everything you do now is either a solid foundation or a rotten floor. At least once, having a look at your past, try to realize what you were born for and where you go.


Success is a personal measure. While, on the other hand, you cannot choose one component of success, sacrificing friendship, love, and happiness of close people, thinking that everything else would come with that. Success is integrity, harmony, and it is measured not only by money or distributing influence.

Good and Evil

I see that every man has an angel having snuggled on one shoulder and a devil on the other one. I've already had educational conversations with those of my own, and we try to compromise.


Happiness is the light. Darkness as such doesn't exist. Einstein has correctly pointed out that there isn't darkness in the dark room, there is no light. Light the fuse and the room will be illuminated. Although you have to earn money even for a match, then you have to go to the store, buy a box of matches, open it, and get a match. It does not necessarily mean that it'll light up from the first try. It will be necessary to work hard and to make efforts, otherwise, you won't get it.


If you're unhappy, you'll never make anyone happy: nor relatives, neither country, no one at all, so always start with yourself. It's not worth blaming others.


I learned even more due to my defeats rather than victories. It is not an easy way, but following it you get stronger.


There's a reason for everything. Your happiness or misfortune is only their consequence.


For most people motivation is money, but man is a spiritual creature. The material values will never get you warm...


It's much more interesting to discover something previously unknown, to strive for something new, to experiment, to dream, and make your dreams come true. It's certainly smarter than live the life and die, working as a clerk.


We don't meet our love, we gain each other. It works only this way...

Other's opinion

I respect others' views, but I always do my own way. I am responsible for everything I do, should anything happen, I am the only one to blame.


When you show your strong points by hiding the weak ones, you create an illusion, a myth. This story attracts, at first people want it and then it disappoints them.

Injustice and Life in General

Sometimes survives not the one who knows how to live. The world is unfair.

Relationships Between People

Communication is not the people's strongest point. We can talk, but not communicate. We have never been taught how to do that! Every time we deceive ourselves, trying to prove just the opposite with foam at the mouth, but we can't behave another way... Few people admit it, but it is so.

Similarities and Differences

If we have ever tried to find and discover the thing that unites us, but not to multiple the one that shares, perhaps it would be comfortable for everyone to live in the modern world.


You don't have to die to start a new life. It's much quicker to reconsider why all this happened...

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