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REVELATION. The Territory of Russia. An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

Russia is not only about peasants, bears, samogon or matryoshkas; it's also a country of fallen spirit and vain culture. In such a community, based on power, obedience, and robbery, you can feel through the fragility of life.
We are certainly in a situation similar to that the Soviet Union once turned up. The USSR has collapsed, and whether Russia will survive today as a country is highly questionable!
The Russians are very transcendental: for centuries we have always been turned to age-old core values, but now we have ruined our fundamental nature and lost our national identity.
It turned out that the distortions in the economic model of the USSR managed to create social relations uncharacteristic of human nature and interactions that have taken deep root in modern Russia. Betrayal and Sovietesque rudeness in our country have become commonplace. Once a simple Soviet people wrote four million denunciations. Since then nothing but the regime has changed.
In Russia, there is consuming unhealthy mental environment where the experience of communication has been completely neglected. Vladimir Vladimirovich, I wonder if you are able to tell me what's going on? There is a clear manifestation of the deep disrespect of one citizen to another. Each of us for several times faced with unpleasant circumstances, when the place and status determined the behavior, when personnel praised themselves to the skies.
There are no heroes, but there are dictators and servants. Being in Russia, you have no desire to imitate anyone! Who can you look up to? We have no stories of success because such adventures are always ended by the fact that you either go to jail or leave as far as possible. Why do we have to seek something or be different, while it's so easy to take away everything we are able to create?
Planes still fall, ships drown, officials get sick, and the brave keep silent.
You just have to say, "hush", and the Russian people will turn back. They are simply not ready to defend their freedom every day, although it is God-given. You know what I mean. Everyone gets these privileges from birth, but in our country, we have to fight for them!
The police in Russia turned into bandits, now there is no more dangerous person in the uniform, formally representing the power! As for officials and MPs, they are interested in capturing the system only to satisfy their selfish interests...
Russia has the right to be called a territory, but not a country. The great Russian territory exists behind the Iron Curtain as it always did. Information exchange is as narrow as a urinary tract when prostate becomes swollen. I am not talking about Moscow, just run your eye over the other territories, and everything will become clear.

No wonder! Russia is a beautiful country, but it is spoiled by the Russians who spoil it by keeping silent... I do not want to leave the homeland, but I feel awkward when taking a look at the current situation.
I would definitely like to live in a free, rich, prosperous, and great Russia, where all human rights are  respected, where there are precedents of direct and open expression of will. But it is a utopia; the things here are getting from bad to worse.
Sure, when you gain belly fat, it seems that life is better! If you do not say self-reassuring mantras but is honestly aware of what is going on; that the country has no power to compete in resources for development or power; that when facing any serious problem it will start to hail so that you can regret the day you were born, – you start feeling queasy...
If you can do nothing, then the society doesn't consider their condition to be shameful. There are only two ways: either your regime will collapse together with the government, or the people come to their senses and change it to a more effective one that would help the country to exist in the modern world. Russia has a limited choice.
The time will come, and everything will be put back but probably it will be another country, another generation.
There is no more power or time to tolerate political senile. Let's agree that 10 or 20 years is short term for a country but it's enough for a person's life.
Of course, the root of all problems is not in you but in the nation namely. In the fact that the population simply takes it for granted and do not care whether to be slaves or free.
I see no point in the fact that you are cursed by most educated citizens. It's wrong. You, Vladimir Vladimirovich, are a very sincere person as you believe in a centralized management system. One can see it (=It's clear). And, despite the fact that you have committed counterrevolution you can't be replaced.
I will only note that the world has become much more complex and the current system does not meet the requirements of the modern time. If we do not change anything now, we will lose the status of the country, which occupies a ninth of the land in the world, and we will completely fall down in the eyes of the civilized community to a vast territory with small and unlawful people perfectly merging with the landscape.
Give people a chance... give the opportunity to breathe, develop, express their point of view, and participate in the life of the country, so that in the future everyone can safely declare that I was mistaken.


Best regards,

Pavel Grata

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