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Fetishism and Fashion.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

Fetishism is one of those intrusive topics, which come into fashion again and again. Actually, this hobby started not so long ago — during the postwar period with the development of the homosexual culture of the London underground. The 50s are exactly considered the first point of reference for this phenomenon, beyond the subconscious.

So, what is fetishism, and how is it associated with the fashion?
First of all, it is a diagnosis, symptoms of which are disclosed in the medical literature. A French psychologist Alfred Binet was the first who described the hidden dependence of the thrill for the object of worship which can often be parts of the body, products made of latex, nylon, shoes, clothing, and accessories from leather that is soft or sheer fabric. However, it is not only craving for "totem", it's also devotion to it.

The modern fashion industry is thoroughly penetrated with an addictive attraction to frivolous attributes, which gradually become as iconic, as were high-heeled shoes, stockings, or red lipstick.

If you take a closer look at the jewelry and accessories, you can easly recognize the shackles in wide alloy bracelets or collars for the slaves in chokers*. It's no accident that Herve Leger's dresses are compared with the medical bandage, and Agent Provocateur's underwear has never possessed the magical power without lace frills and taboo.
Every year designers broadcast BDSM motives in their collections, giving even more freedom to their sexual fantasies!
In fact, things just seem to be so aggressive and tough. Nowadays fetishism started to resemble a game of giveaway. The main thing is to distinguish illusion from reality!
What is going on? The fetishism, having received its distribution from alternative fashion, has turned into an indispensable element of modern culture, absorbing other areas of art.
The world has opened to new experiences. It only means that people are much more inclined to experiments than they were before! You can't ignore this fact...

*Choker is a short necklace of ethnic origin tightly covering the neck.  

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