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Lost Subculture. Hipster.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

One of the subcultures, based not on ideology but on its absence, grows with the speed of cancer. It's extremely difficult to exactly determine the idea of the concept“hipster” as such.
Is it a representative of the creative middle class? Or a humanist adjusted for the 21stcentury? Or another trendy movement?
In fact, if these guys go somewhere that is from one club to another one and for them creation is no more than stamping of similar objects where it is not clear what and why is depicted.
They are not burdened with a great idea, and this is their main feature. Though earlier everything was different...
Norman Mailer describes in his essay “The White Negro” hipsters as American existentialists, smothered by social conventions and having a life, destroyed by nuclear war. Choosing to be aloof from society, they've taken to the road through unexplored corners of their own soul.
It's difficult to judge how the image is embellished but it is obvious, that behind it there is something more than a figure of the sexless character with creative facial hair and holding a paper coffee cup in his hand.
Any subcultureinvolves at least confrontation between “official” doctrine while the hipsters are completely dissolved in space and don't seek for something to oppose unlike their ancestors, the beatniks, with whom some identify themselves.
Nowadays, the hipster is an artificially created audience of dummies to successfully promote bigger brands. And nothing more...
It is a biodegradable waste, which in reality is not interested in modern art, music or literature but consumes the shell of cultural phenomena. These are the same gopniki* only in a more noticeable package.
New York Time Out published a special issue on the topic “Why hipsters must die?”,Adbusters has published an article “Hipsters: the dead end of Western civilization”. It's not as easy as it seems to find normal people who they would impress!
Why is this phenomenon so popular and has become so widely distributed? As there is nothing easier than to become a hipster. This is the easiest and a very cheap way to join some youthcommunity. You only need to visit your grandmother and to search her wardrobe.


*gopnik (pl. gopniki) are representatives of Russian lower class from the criminal regions, usually wearing Adidas track-suits and knopka caps, although those are now less popular. Usually, they are uneducated and make their living by small robberies.
It's about appearance rather than content... and eventhe book by Jack Kerouac in their pockets (if present) playsthe role of a fashion accessory.

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