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Neuromarketing is the Art of Consumer Managing.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

Modern technologies are fighting for every tenth of primary attention. Knowing the biochemistry of emotional reactions, you can easily manage all the five major human senses. It's easy enough to analyze the brain waves coming directly from the central nervous system without distortion and false interpretations.

Neuromarketing is the future in understanding the levers of management of consumer desires. This fact cannot be ignored.

How Does it Work?

 85% of our actions are irrational, so emotional memory plays not lesser role than cognitive processes often even determining the latter. We make choices basing on emotions. Emotions have become the backbone of any brand.
Based on this, characteristics of neuromarketing are initially put in the desired product. Thus consumers vote with their wallet in favor of corporations.

Importance of Applying.

The level of rebranding in the modern world is off the charts, so we capture only the one, which is within the relevant context. We simply forget everything irrelevant as we forget a large amount of advertising.
Then what does the brain remember? Information influencing the underlying mechanisms that affect our behavior. It can be diagnosed using positron emission tomography (PET), fMRI, electro - and magneto-encephalography (EEG/MEG).
So, the manufacturers and scientists have recently had an opportunity to understand the prospects to improve the programs stimulating sales at the expense of the study of unconscious processes in neural structures.


Neuromarketing has developed in the result of a number of studies of the human brain, which proved that these are emotions that drive the human behavior, and in decades, it has turned into a completely new type of monitoring, which is a whole science of psycho-emotional reactions to various advertising stimuli.
It's an art of management of a consumer in which the desired product will be noticed, raise an interest of a potential buyer and subsequently become a desirable object.
In fact, variants of the method to apply pressure on the subconscious mind are constantly expanding. Nobody knows whether we'll manage to develop new therapeutic programs to treat addictions, learn more about ourselves or we'll learn from this just opposite result, i.e. a serious and powerful weapon to fight a cold war.
Leave things to chance, and yet this knowledge brings profits only for large companies…


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