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REVELATION. The Theory of Choice.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

"The first thing to do is to fight the power of an individual person because there is nothing more dangerous. If it has creative spiritual energy, it can achieve more than millions of people."
The New Testament of Satan

 While planning IKONA RUSSIA I met different people. At that time I was looking for a team, but the wind was never favorable. I wanted to create everything together, to succeed together, and to develop together. But all of them were after money and glory. None of them ever intended to join efforts to build something more.
People fall into a bottomless abyss without any single thought. Self-esteem overshadows their consciousness. As a result, you're alone, one against all.
Nobody supported me. I have achieved only ambition and desire to reach the goal.
The Chinese said good words: "All problems are just concealed opportunities." Even the hieroglyph depicting the crisis is composed of two other hieroglyphs, translated as "crucial moment" or "critical point". Using this formula, I decided to fight myself, and I wasn't mistaken.
If you want everything to be right, do it yourself! Never delegate responsibilities to the others. All your victories depend on you and your way of thinking.
Now I have understood that. Incredible as it may seem, after that, I started to meet the people I needed, and events took a favorable turn.
Having become much stronger, I took another step forward.  

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