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Through Hardships to the Stars. Values.

Inception / PAVEL GRATA

External factors, influencing the process of formation of the personality, are certainly very important. They are necessarily connected with society and with those who surround us. Values, social circle, education, government – all these components invisibly shape you as a person, affecting everything that happens to you in your daily life, consistently and gradually changing your mind and opinion. 
However, setting new standards, you have to cultivatehigh moralqualities or at least aspire to them! Only then the environmentaround you will start changing. You will begin to think in new ways and discovereven moreabilities. 
Every day take time for spiritual development. It is a necessary condition to achieve the desired. Refuse everything useless.Learn to love yourself.
Everyone has their way, so here you will find the answer to the question "What can I do?" You have to understand exactly what you need. 
However, it's impossible to achieve success without changing your environment and yourself at first! 

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