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Beauty. Lightness of Being.


True beauty is an art longing for diversity of images and forms. 

Everybody should learn to feel in a personal way. Coco Chanel did not reveal anything new when said her famous words: "Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she is not beautiful at 30, she is simply stupid".

A little harsh, but it is obvious: no woman should be petrified when distorted notions of an ideal ae common. According to ancient notions, the divine beauty looked sternly: Miss World from the Paleolithic was distinguished by wide hips, full breasts and an impressive belly. By the Middle Ages the minds of Europeans took the idea of the end of the world and total depravity. Consequently, the less natural was the female, the better. Then there was the Renaissance, and everything changed: judging by Rubens and Titian's paintings, there was a time of red- and golden-haired plump ladies with white skin. With the beginning of the XX century standards began to change, continuing to compete until today.

In every culture and at all times there was an exemplar (the examples above are few and do not reflect the complete perception of the problem), but are you ready to try on this competitive “advantage” now?! We have created and made up these aesthetic constructs which are the reflection of our sexual preferences in a given period of time, which has been changing throughout the history of mankind!

I'm sure if the social norm suddenly disappeared, many of us would have made a different choice. Try to understand, we get so accustomed to stereotypes that it's often difficult for us to accept the truth. The patterns are, after all, a convention to a great extent. 

We always want to comply with the prefabricated, abstract ideal, but for some reason rarely think about complying with ourselves. Being yourself or being someone else are almost two different lives. Trying to comply with someone else's expectations, first of all, you give up on yourself, and most often it ends very tragically.

You can always be beautiful. To be so you do not need expensive cosmetic procedures, many plastic surgeries, elite fitness clubs, personal nutritionists. You can try to find youlself: "clear up" your individuality, find the right, healthy option and understand what the piquancy is in.

Nowadays, everyone decides whether to follow the trends or create his or her own "I". As it has been mentioned earlier, love your body and take care of your mental and physical well-being.

Attractiveness is not measured in numbers, centimeters, kilograms or age, it is natural for every person and comes from the inside. But we often stay on the way of this gift.

A perfect symmetrical proportions are too simple and boring, fill yourself with the metaphysical attractiveness and sexuality, the impudent ones and motivating the the doubting ones! Cathe the others' eyes by simplicity in manners, in the ways of presenting yourself by faultless style. 

True beauty requires wisdom. Learn to feel it intuitively, setting aside any of the rules. Become a sculptor of your soul and flesh, not for a moment forgetting that fleshy apples are always filled with worms.  


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