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Cultural Problems of a Nation. Window of Soul.


Where do these sorrow and concern come from? Once being asked, we do not know the answer...

What has happened? Maybe we tend to be strong and clench our jaws because the genetic memory stores information about the once weak-willed existence? Maybe the reason is that we always feel humiliated? 

During our fabulous history, we all had a chance to live through an era of change. A challenging external environment in Russia since our childhood only exacerbated the internal crisis, hence we suppress our beautiful smiles for a long time.

Sure, it's a challenging road but we all know that everything will be well in the end. The most important is not to rush the time and feel happy moving towards your choice. These psychological factors are natural for every person, and overcoming them is necessary for our personal evolution. 

The more complicated topic is about the people who constantly suffer from crisis. Take a closer look at passers-by…

Give them something they lacked but this will not change the situation. The only solution is to regress together with them to the age where they still have unmet needs. It is the past that subsequently destabilize a normal condition. This means that they look at their current situation through the eyes of an abandoned baby, self-centered teenager, hurt husband, wife, or a more complex artistic personality, constantly needing attention and regularly losing desired.

They strive to satisfy not themselves present but the past ones. The way out is to grow up and gain strength to face your immaturity.

You'll never be able to say yourself a true word, so I turn to you. Discover yourself in new ways, your life as it is, discover the others, those unfamiliar passers-by! Maybe then, the hopelessness will leave the faces and wrinkles will disappear. And then a long-awaited smile will appear which is intended for everyone. The one enriching those who receive it and not impoverishing those who give it... 


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