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REVELATION. Trap. The Absolute Power of Mass Culture.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

Looking around I have a feeling very similar to existential nausea described by Sartre. I am sick of the cattle, the ridiculous the pseudo-intellectuals, the pretentious Bohemia, the entire mass culture in general.
The modern world acquires the form of a slowdown culture, where everything is superficial: popcorn movies, background music, time-killing books. Idle talks replaced communication, we have bartered away healthy food for foodstuff, and relationships exist just to satisfy sexual need...
 I am filled up with complex feelings ranging from pity to irritation. I watch the way writers turn into copywriters, the film art into the film business. The eyes of the creators increasingly overlook the hidden beauty of the world. Nowadays, the winner is the one who is good at profiting from the mass consciousness.
We finally learned to read and should have taken a step forward, but we are unable to discern the quality of prose. That's why it's Paulo Coelho, but not Samuel Beckett, whose books are the bestsellers. We are already aware that Monet and Manet are two different artists, but most people are not able to distinguish between their works. However, the press is gaudy with the headlines about Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst's exhibitions.
There is personality depersonalization everywhere. Mass-market more and more clear turns into the medium-class management tool, suppressing the sprouts of individualism in everybody's minds and replacing the spiritual components with a kind of surrogate. 
Aristocracy in culture, including art, has turned nowadays into a rather problematic thing in society. Only a narrow layer of the society can really see, hear, feel, and analyze. As for the rest, you can feed them with shit in a beautiful package, and they'll keep eating it and feel happy. I often think how not to get bogged or not to get dirty of it from head to toe.
The century of the high art is over, and mass culture is leading us certainly nowhere!
That's amazing... We develop, evolutionize, and we lose ourselves from the inside. They say if you don't use anything for a year, you can throw it out. People followed this rule and threw out their souls, ceasing reflexing and realizing themselves. 
It's time to queue for brainwashing...
People are being deprived of their faces. I notice right the opposite of being a pattern for yourself! We worship idols and are afraid to have our own opinions. 
Then a new habit appears which is impossible to get rid of. It's probably going to take a long time to wait until this is realized... 

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