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Eco-Fashion. Face the Environment.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

Earlier, in order to force a person to do something, you had to say, 'you need it', now you just have to say, 'it's fashionable.' This fact well explains the reason for the ranks of 'the green' to grow exponentially.
Demand creates supply, and now every self-respecting designer tries at least once a year to add to his or her collection an eco-item. Under the banner are now Stella McCartney, Phillip Lim, Marni, Vivienne Westwood, and even, known for its conservatism, Gucci took part in the eco-race, presenting a collection of glasses made of the ecological wood polymer composite, so-called 'liquid wood'.

Eco-style undoubtedly conquers the mad world of fashion industry. Magazines are full of headlines devoted to this subject. A new buzzword is on everyone's lips, but for some reason, we do not understand the idea of this trend!

In fact, eco-fashion is one of the important steps in the development of humankind. It's a whole ideology, a concept due to which child labor is no longer used, the 'healthy' working conditions in the enterprises are respected, consumers start to wear clothes made of organic fabrics grown without the use of powerful technology, harmful chemical fertilizers, and pesticides.

Eco-fashion still has a long way to go to reach the mainstream. However, this phenomenon step by step transforms the minds of people, making them to be more responsible to the environment, to appreciate the ecosystem and take care of it. Ecology becomes fashionable, and thus attracts our attention...  


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