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REVELATION. Anatomy of Art.

Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

As it usually happens, sequential execution of previously known algorithms determines the result. It's up to you to decide if to rebel or collect good ideas but remember, "What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.*" 

Ecclesiastes 1:9


Therefore, you can inbreathe a special meaning in any old concept. Steve Jobs knew it and used borrowings as well as most artists, directors, authors, architects, musicians, people whose biographies are studied all over the world. Picasso has interestingly made his own judgment by comparing art with theft. It is difficult to create a "unique" in the global flow of collective intelligence, so it is logical to use the one that already exists.
In fact, stop brass and blind stealing! You'd better learn how to choose what is truly worthwhile, not of one, but of many, not to imitate, but to transform; and then, through this understanding, you'll achieve your individual style.
Why didn't I learn it at school? Didn't learn how to do the right thing from the start, to be curious about the world, to seek selection, and to get free from fear? This is much more important than the differentials and the chemical compounds.
My advice is the following: as long as you play a negligible role, you may enjoy your freedom, experiment, take most of your anonymity. As soon as your personality starts to attract public interest, you won't be able to act as you wish!
So, now memorize and capture other people's thoughts that you like, edit them and add something new. Put down everything significant and irrelevant, as it will be valuable over time. Go deeper than the others on your own putting your heart and soul, as it's the only way to get ahead and create something yours.

It's a perfectly honest way, you just have to take only that, what's really impressive. Make mistakes, then correct them, work every day! Keep a diary and never part with it (I'm writing these words exactly in it). Then, by copying any successful shape or construction, you will not only co-opt the best, you won't be able to resist the temptation to add your own vision.

You can't avoid the effect of creative "I"; starting as a copy you have all the chances to become a masterpiece.


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