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Serenity / PAVEL GRATA

To build a great building, it must be created as the "great" one long before it becomes such.
Pavel Grata 


It's been exactly a year since the blog was founded. My vision has transformed and, as a result, the whole world has changed. Once upon a time, it all started with a bunch of impudent ideas of a young soul, but even then I realized it was going to work...
 As I said, I was not interested in creating an illusion, a myth that attracts, which is desired at first and then disappoints. That would be completely wrong, so the story was true from the very first pages.
All the information was strictly selected and dozed to leave time for reflection. It has always been up to you to decide whether accept it or not.
Not everything has been said on the website. I have always shown and described just a small part of what the object represents. The reader has shaped his opinion himself, so everyone has a chance to try himself as a researcher, absorbing more and more details from other sources.

I have found my way, and I hope that my philosophy will once become an integral way of life for a wider audience. A philosophy which style has no brand or price, where beautifully dressed people long for self-improvement and development, rather than turn into empty dummies, a philosophy in which you have to break the rules, remembering about the consequences and the exceptions.
Once again, I thank everyone who reads the blog, criticizes or admires it. It is empowering! IKONA RUSSIA will surprise you more than once while developing. So, continue to follow me, as well as you did before!

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